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I found out a little while ago but I kept forgetting to post about it. >.>

Feral Heart seems to have deleted our group. So I'm wondering if enough of us are still active and if it's worth remaking it?
:iconkieva: has a question for everyone regarding the map. So please visit her post here… and help her out. ^^
Ok here is the list of our timezones and what time it is for each of us at 22:00 GMT.

:iconanimefox223: -7 GMT, So it's 3 PM for her.
:iconfinalfantasy564: +1 GMT so it's 11PM for her.
:iconeclipsethekitteh: I she's -7 GMT so 3PM for her.
:iconredmajeheclipsed: She's in the GMT zone so it's 10 PM for her.
:iconkieva: is in Central Standard time so -6GMT thus making it 4PM for her.
:iconboneyardk: is also in -6 GMT.
:iconrpartist: is in Eastern Standard so she's -5 GMT making it 5PM.
:iconkavodragon: is -6 GMT making it 4PM.

I'm also -5 GMT but that doesn't matter for the most part. :p
Ok, I've noticed (and I'm sure everyone else has too) that ever since our first bout few of us have all been online at one time. So I presented my idea to Daeg, aka :iconrpartist:, and she seemed to like it so here I am sharing it with you guys.

If you didn't guess from the title, what I want to do is plan our RP sessions so that we can all get together and have fun, and as a bonus no one misses anything!

We'd have to plan times and probably days since not everyone can get online every day like Daeg and I. (we have no lives. >.>)

I was thinking around 22:00(10PM) GMT. To put that in context I'll have to know your timezone, the only ones I know of are Daeg, myself (-5 GMT) and clear (+1 GMT). If you don't know your time zone you can use this to find out. :)

So let me know what you guys think. :)
If you want to go ahead with this then please post your timezones so I can make a list for you guys. I'll also need to know what days you can get online.

P.S. Ok last night I ended up watching Alpha and Omega. Now I admit it is a funny movie and I understand it was made for an age group far younger then mine, but I still couldn't get the logic center of my brain to stop mentally bashing the in accurate nature of their pack structure and behavior. So I looked up real pack structure just to make myself feel better, (yeah real mature :roll:) and I found this…. Have fun reading.
This is the list of Pack members and which pack they belong to. Thanks go to :iconkieva: for making it. :worship:

x.XSouth packX.x

Name/Ingame Username/Forum username


x.XNorth PackX.x

Name/Ingame Username/Forum Username

Phantom Wolf/Lord Drake/Lord Drake

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